TD Signals

Trade the markets by following best automatic trading signals

High Success Rates

TD Signals provides the best success rates in the industry. You will never miss the trends!

Telegram Alerts

Automatically receive trading alerts via Telegram 7 days a week 24 hours a day!

Wide Coverage

TD Signals covers crypto currencies, forex pairs, NASDAQ stocks, commodities and indices.

Free Trial

You can test TD Signals for 30 days totally free of charge!


TD Signals is an automatic trading signal system that gives buy and sell alerts according to TD sequential indicator. Our system gathers data from exchanges and lists assets according to TD count. Green 2 is a buy signal and red 2 is a sell signal. When a signal is generated user gets an automatic alert via Telegram. Users can also check the current status of assets using the web panel. You never miss a trading opportunity using TD Signals.

TD Signals generates signals for these assets:

  • Crypto Currency Coins (Top 100 by volume)

  • Forex Pairs

  • Indices 

  • Commodities

  • NASDAQ 100 Stocks

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